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Fun Run Tee - Olive

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The urban exodus of artists, writers, and thinkers during the late 60's and early 70's saw a creative uprising from LA to Marfa to Portland. These visionaries subverted cultural norms to create new worlds.  Willie Nelson, a country singer and a celebrated figure of the Counterculture movement, famously took to running while on tour not only as a means of keeping fit but also as a meditative activity.  He would regularly experiment with taking psychedelic mushrooms while running, in search of spiritual enlightenment.  In 2006, Nelson narrowly avoided jail after being arrested for cannabis possession in Louisiana. Officers seized more than 20oz (567g) of marijuana and 3 oz (85g) of magic mushrooms. 

  • organic cotton

  • made in Portugal

  • Benny is 170cm & wears size MEDIUM