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Space Odyssey Tee

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Many moon landing sceptics have suggested that Stanley Kubrick directed the footage for the staged moon landing, after being approached by NASA based on his work in the classic 1968 movie: 2001 A Space Odyssey. A number of well placed sources, including NASA engineers, had stated that the technology didn't exist at that point to actually land on the surface and take off again. One source claims that Kubrick initially declined the offer, only relenting when NASA threatened to out his little brother as a member of the Communist Party. The story goes that Kubrick spent 18 months on a soundstage shooting the footage for the Apollo 11 and 12 moon missions.

TSPTR prides itself on providing high quality garments that favour tradition, expertise and dignity over the bottom line.  All their garments are produced ethically and sustainably, all the while chanelling the depths of counterculture - everything from popular subcultures to politics & protests, music & film.

  • 100% organic cotton
  • water based inks designed to fade and wear naturally
  • ethically made in Portugal
  • Thomas is 180cm, 68kg & wears size MED